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We can be a support system for your complete online presence. Our idea was to have a team member for all phases of your business g growth. Together we can choose a right marketing strategy for your business, make sure that your website is something that you can be proud of and make sure that your budget is wisely spent on carefully planned marketing campaigns.

In this ever changing industry no strict guarantees can be given. However you are getting a precise plan of our marketing campaign, based on your requests and within approximately two months the results will certainly be visible. An estimated time of reaching your goals will be specified in our marketing plan and all the aspects of it can be changed along the way, as we adjust it to your needs.

A number of keywords that you want to optimize are not limited, but we will choose the most relevant keywords based on our research, for the specific niche.

Our campaigns are very flexible and can be changed, which means that the phrases and budget can be fine tuned from month to month. The price for a specific campaign will be determined based on hours that are required for our monthly services.

We offer high transparency in everything we do and our customers can request from our team of experts daily activities reports 24/7, so that can be updated about their campaign status anytime.



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